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Risotto with Vento d'Estate and cherries


Ingredients for 4 people:

320 gr Carnaroli rice

200 gr cherries

½ scallion

1 spoon of extra virgin olive oil

50 gr Vento d’Estate cheese

vegetable bouillon to taste

20 gr mountain butter

1/3 glass of Raboso wine

2 spoons of Olio Extra Vergine

1/5 vanilla bean

salt and white pepper to taste



Keep aside 20 cherries for decoration; wash the remaining cherries and  mix them until obtaining a juice that will be kept in the fridge.

For the flavoured olive oil , proceed infusing shredded vanilla and let perfume (we suggest to prepare it 2 days before).

Mince the scallion, brown it with a spoon of oil at low heat, add rice e let it toast over higher  heat;  when the rice is polished, simmer with wine until reduced and start cooking at medium heat.

Blend the rice , add cherries juice, white pepper and continue the slow cooking; in the meantime, keep 4 cherries aside; cut in half the remaining cherries removing the pit  and add them to the rice.

When cooking is almost finished, turn off the stove and cover rice with a tea towel; after 1 minute add butter, infused oil and grated Vento d’Estate , keeping a little aside for decoration.


Cover another minute and then shake the rice to mount, season to taste and dish out, decorating with cheese, cherry and some drop of vanilla flavoured oil. 

Questa ricetta è basata sul formaggio Vento d'Estate® vaccino. Scopri tutte le ricette.