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il formaggio di Antonio Carpenedo
Si innamora e fa innamorare

The zen garden: saffron flavored potatoes with Speziato al tartufo

From the Chefs Alessio&Michele of NonSerialFood


Potatoes from Trentino region

Saffron pistils from L’Aquila

Sweet-and-sour Tropea red onions

‘Speziato al tartufo’ cheese



Red beet

Pistachio's flour



Prepare a mixture with grated red beet and pistachio flour. Freeze, then grate again and place a Silpat paper on it.

Put in the oven at 140° until the mixture becomes dry.

Prepare a court buillon with saffron pistils, laurel , juniper berries, cloves  and a pinch of salt. Immerse the potatoes previously  carved  or cut in slices.


Carve potatoes and stuff with sweet-and-sour onions julienne cut and slices of ‘Speziato al tartufo’ cheese.

With potatoes’ slices, create a millefoglie with the same ingredients.

Put in the oven ,pre-heat to  160° ,for 4-5 minutes, until they are gratinè.

Arrange the beet ‘ground’ on the dish and lay down potatoes.

Flavour with a slightly smoky rosemary, burnt directly on the dish.


Cinnamon, saffron, truffle, sweet-and-sour, rosemary fumè..colors and perfumes for meditation in a zen garden of sweet red ground.

Questa ricetta รจ basata sul formaggio Speziato . Scopri tutte le ricette.