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il formaggio di Antonio Carpenedo
Si innamora e fa innamorare

Oysters with Ubriaco di Raboso in tempura and blue salt

From the Chefs Alessio&Michele of NonSerialFood



Fresh basil leaves

Salt from Trapani flavored by Curaçao

Selvatic atlantic seaweeds

Ubriaco di Raboso cheese

peanut oil 


Firstly, prepare tempura, put it in the siphon and charge two cream charges.

Let stand in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

At the moment of service, clean and open the oysters, cut the cheese in cubes and prepare the seaweeds.

When the oil reaches 160°, you can start frying.

Take the cheese's cubes, the oysters and the seaweeds, siphon directly the tempura's foam and with the help of pliers immerse in the boiling oil.

This fried food will result thin but crisp, slightly gilded, light but savory.

Fry also the fresh basil leaves.

Once drained all the ingredients, start composing the dish.

We tried to creare the sea environment around the oyster.

The Curaçao  flavored salt becomes blue and we put on it our small chest: the mollusk in tempura with its pearl of 'Ubriaco di Raboso' cheese.. The atlantic seaweeds and the brilliant-green basil  leaf complete the scene.

Questa ricetta ├Ę basata sul formaggio Ubriaco┬« di Raboso. Scopri tutte le ricette.