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il formaggio di Antonio Carpenedo
Si innamora e fa innamorare

Egg in one minute with Vento dÔ??estate, chard and elderflower

From the Chefs Alessio & Michele of NonSerialFood



Chard leaves


Vento d’estate cheese

An egg from Paolo Parisi

Salt, oil, pepper

Red chard sprouts 


Parboil the chards in slightly salty water, at the end of cooking immerse them in iced water in order to cool down and  then dry.

To make the wafer, grate a part of Vento d’estate cheese, and put in a uniform thin layer with circular shape in a silpat , sprinkle with elderflowers and put in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Line the inside of a ceramic cocotte  with chard , add Vento d’estate cheese in flakes and break inside an egg . Close the chard leaves and cover the cocotte.

Put in the microwave for 1,15 minutes in order not to cook the yolk completely.

Now you can serve the dish directly with cocotte or turned over and accompanied by the cheese’s wafer.

The chard  sprouts complete the garnish. 

"We used the egg of Paolo Parisi for its slightly almondy flavour and its particular consistency.  Perfect the match with Vento d'Estate with its scent of hay and the elderflowers : an exaltation of the country!"

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