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il formaggio di Antonio Carpenedo
Si innamora e fa innamorare

Aubergine's millefoglie with Basajo

From the Chefs Alessio&Michele of NonSerialFood


pink Radicchio from Silea in sweet-and-sour

Basajo cheese

Long and  narrow aubergines

Tomato's strips
an egg 

Taggiasca olives

Anchovies in oil

Orange mustard

Flour for yellow ‘polenta’

                                                                                                              salt, garlic, pepper  


Prepare a part of the aubergines following the Occitan way: wash, peel and keep back the rinds, cut in sticks.  Melt the anchovies in extra virgin olive oil garlic-flavoured and add the aubergines. At 3/4 of the cooking, add the taggiasca olives and the tomato's sticks.

Take the other aubergines and cut in slices, put them in the beaten whole egg and then in the yellow corn flour. Fry in abundant oilseed until gilded. Drain and dry.

Put in a pan the following layers:

a first slice of aubergine, the marinated Radicchio  and Basajo cheese

a second first of aubergine, the sticks obtained in the Occitane way, Basajo cheese

a third slice of aubergine to end.

Put in the oven for 5 minutes at 160°.

Cut and recompose the aubergine on the dish, accompanied by orange mustard's drops and garnished with the aubergine's peels julienne-cut previously fried and basil leaves.

"The intense taste of passito from Basajo cheese combines with the mediterranean warm scents and the sweet-and-sour from the North. We thought about a revisited 'Parmigiana' to fully exalt these peculiar notes."

Questa ricetta è basata sul formaggio Basajo ®. Scopri tutte le ricette.