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il formaggio di Antonio Carpenedo
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'Pastin' of Treviso with Blu '61 and radicchio

From the Chefs Alessio&Michele of NonSerialFood


Sweet-and-sour Radicchio of Treviso
Pastin ( typical food of Veneto region, with minced pork and beef similar to sausage)

Blu '61 cheese
apple's vinegar
juniper berries
olive oil



Clean, wash and cut tha radicchio, partly in slices, partly julienne.  

Prepare the marinading with flavoured oils and sugar , parboil the radicchio in water and vinegar.
When ready, cool down in the iced water, drain and dry. Finally, immerse it in the marinate souce. 

Prepare a mini hamburger with 'pastin' and griddle.

Add some marinated radicchio julienne-cut and a piece of Blu '61 , put in the oven pre-heat at 140°. 

Compose the dish serving inside a shot glass the sweet-and-sour radicchio in slices , lay down the mini hamburger with cheese and the marinated radicchio julienne-cut.

Complete the garnish with some yellow petals of Tagete and raw leaves of Radicchio around.

"The winey notes of Raboso passito of the blue cheese BLU61 combine perfectly with the spicy flavor of cinnamon of pastin and the swewt-and-sour radicchio of Treviso. A pearl of our gastronomic Venetian tradion.  "

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