Conciato al pepe

Antonio Carpenedo is fascinated by the aromas and origins of spices. This small seed within a red berry comes from south India and is grown in tropical regions. The fresh cheese is suitably aged and at the right moment sealed in oak casks with a jealously guarded secret mix of pepper. The filled casks are meticulously rotated to allow the flavours to transform and infuse perfectly.

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Forme Conciato al pepe
CODE15185MILKPasteurized cow’s milkAGEINGMin. 5 monthsWEIGHT2,3kgPACKAGING1pz
CODE15185AMILKPasteurized cow’s milkAGEINGMin. 5 monthsWEIGHT1,15kgPACKAGING1pz
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