Drunk cheese

Not only great wines are born from the best vines and grapes. So is Carpenedo’s masterpiece.


Drunk cheeses

Strong flavours, exciting contrasts and vibrant and unforgettable tastes: these are the characteristics of the world’s leading refined cheeses. They are the Ubriaco® cheeses which, amidst wine and innovative processes, have conquered the cheese making world.

The history of Ubriaco® cheese is strongly rooted in the local tradition of the Treviso area, which Carpenedo has celebrated for the first time by giving the cheese the flavours and aromas of superb Treviso, Veneto and Italian wines.

Carpenedo’s Ubriaco® cheeses narrate the essence of the Carpenedo Method, which elevates the depth of the taste and smell characteristics of two seemingly simple products like cheese and wine.