A one-year old child with her big, wide eyes. This is where the name Basajo® came from: an exclamation from Antonio Carpenedo’s young granddaughter and Ernesto’s daughter. Honest, direct, pure, to the point. Basajo® makes no compromises, offering an experience for the taste buds ready to grasp the numerous aspects brought together in this cheese made by skilful hands, with Ernesto’s intuition, under Antonio’s watchful eye. Two generations of expertise in development successfully combine the strength of sheep’s milk with the sweetness of white passito wine in perfect harmony, capable of offering sensations for the taste buds as well as the mind.

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Forme Basajo
CODE15177MILKRaw sheep’s milkAGEINGMin. 6 monthsWEIGHT1,4kgPACKAGING1pz
CODE15177SMILKRaw sheep’s milkAGEINGMin. 6 monthsWEIGHT150gr fixed weightPACKAGING12pz
Premi Basajo