As Antonio Carpenedo says, cheese starts always from an idea. Blugins was created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Antonio Carpenedo’s working activity. The family imagines a very special and original idea to combine cheese with cocktail and thanks to the collaboration with a big bartender from Treviso, some new and specific cocktails combined with our creations have been created for that special occasion. Thanks to a path of strong innovation and research the Carpenedo’s family shares the project with Roberto Marton and his prestigious Gin. After two long years of attempts finally we found the right T.U.T.A. in 2017. And now the creation of a milk blue cheese made from cow milk that perfectly marries one of the most loved distillate all over the world. The name Blugins represents a strong sign to contemporaneity and innovation of taste. Gin and cheese aren’t only a perfect couple from a sensorial and gastronomical point of view but they represent a fusion of cultures, stories and passion which tell the need of pleasantness and beauty. Blugins is dedicated to everyone that doesn’t like banality, but loves to dare at dinner and in life.

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Forme Blugins
CODE15178MILKPasteurized cow’s milkAGEINGMin. 4 monthsWEIGHT2,5kgPACKAGING1pz
CODE15178AMILKPasteurized cow’s milkAGEINGMin. 4 monthsWEIGHT1,25kgPACKAGING1pz
CODE15178SMILKPasteurized cow’s milkAGEINGMin. 2 monthsWEIGHT150gr fixed weightPACKAGING12pz
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