Briscola al Raboso

Briscola® bio is the first organic cheese of Carpenedo range. It is produced with organic milk and matured with organic red Raboso wine. Briscola is named after a traditional card game which used to be played in the old, nowdisappearing, taverns. Times change, and Antonio Carpenedo decided to dedicate this cheese to a world fading away like an old photograph, to be remembered and treasured. In this new interpretation, Briscola® pays homage to the dairy tradition with wine, often sipped between one card game and the next. It is not only a Venetian tradition but part of the culture throughout Italy. Antonio Carpenedo’s UBRIACO® method is a way of preserving traditions.

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Forme Briscola al Raboso
CODE15120BIOMILKPasteurized cow’s milkAGEINGMin. 4 monthsWEIGHT2,5kgPACKAGING1pz
CODE15120ABIOMILKPasteurized cow’s milkAGEINGMin. 4 monthsWEIGHT1,25kgPACKAGING1pz
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