Ubriaco al Prosecco DOC

It was back in the year 1982 when Antonio Carpenedo first introduced his UBRIACO® al Prosecco cheese, as a perfect expression of an honest and straightforward land, like the down-to earth people who produce elegant and refreshing wine for everyone’s tastes. Antonio Carpenedo’s method calls for meticulous sessions in which the cheese is immersed in pomace and Prosecco wine, followed by periods of rest and drying, where Temperature, Humidity, Time and Environment are extremely important and essential conditions for giving aromas and flavour to the cheese. What is all about is living matter which must be respected and transformed, requiring artisan attention to detail with each form, each batch, every single day of processing.

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Forme Ubriaco al Prosecco DOC
CODE15140MILKRaw cow’s milkAGEINGMin. 4 monthsWEIGHT6,5kgPACKAGING1pz
CODE15140BMILKRaw cow’s milkAGEINGMin. 4 monthsWEIGHT1,6kgPACKAGING1pz
Premi Ubriaco al Prosecco DOC