One-minute egg with Vento d’Estate and chard

One-minute egg with Vento d’Estate and chard

From chefs Alessio and Michele of NonSerialFood 


rainbow chard leaves 


Vento d'Estate

Paolo Parisi egg

salt, pepper and oil to taste

red chard sprouts


Blanch the chard in lightly salted water. When cooked, place in an ice bath to cool and then dry.

To make the wafers, grate some Vento d'Estate cheese and arrange in a uniform, thin circular layer on a silicone mat, sprinkle with elderflower and microwave for 30 seconds. 

Line the inside of a ceramic cocotte with the chard, add shaved Vento d'Estate cheese and break a Paolo Parisi egg inside. Close the chard leaves and cover the cocotte. Microwave for 1.15 minutes so that the yolk is not fully cooked. 

At this point we can serve the dish directly in the cocotte or on a plate accompanied by the cheese wafer. The chard sprouts complete the garnish. 

We used a Paolo Parisi egg because of its slightly almondy taste and unique texture. Combined with the flavour of the hay of the Vento d’Estate and elderflower, this is a celebration of the countryside!